Thursday, August 25, 2011

Art and Fashion

Image Source:
W Magazine; Modeled by Freja Beha Erichsen & Sasha Pivovarov
By Mario Sorrenti

Monday, August 22, 2011

Girl of the Moment: Skyler Samuels

Skyler Samuels, 17, stars in the new hit show The Nine Lives of Chloe King (which happens to be my favorite show) and I couldn't help but notice how her style evolved since the show had it's debut. She began with an average, girly style and has developed a style that's very glamorous and chic.

ABC Family Event
 Skyler's outfit looks like what a typical girl her age would wear here. A summer color block dress and simple makeup.

Skyler is later seen wearing a cute LBD. Although she looks great, this look is quite ordinary.

Let Me In Premiere
Skyler steps it up with bright red lips and a sophisticated ensemble. I already see her glamorous bold style showing through.

Apparently red has become her favorite color? Skyler looks gorgeous in this look, but I especially love her fun summer braids.

Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Event
Now this is where Skyler really lets her glam/chic style seep through. The makeup is so glam, and her outfit is daring and quite the risk, but she pulls it off.

Furry Vengeance Premiere

Skyler shows off her glam in this shimmery ensemble. Her risky, really hawte right now hair-do is a major risk and is oh-so-old-hollywood, but she pulls it off and looks like she belongs at the top of a best dressed list.

In fact, this new starlet has already found herself in the popular, glossy pages of Seventeen Magazine.
Skyler looking gorgeous in Seventeen Magazine.

Don't miss out! The Nine Lives of Chloe King has everything: drama, action, romance, the supernatural, and even a few funny bits making it a show that anyone would enjoy. Click here to watch some of it's episodes on the ABC Family site.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fashionable Adventures in Canada

When I had a vacation in Canada, I didn't only capture the sight-see tourist pictures that most travelers do. I captured the details. A pic of the subway, a pretty detail of a museum. Of course, there are those grander Canada Scenery pictures jumbled in there as well.


Speaking of which, in Toronto I came accross their Shoe Museum. I went photo-crazy in there, so some posts on that are gonna be up soon ;)


Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Fashion Blogger Notebook; A Multiple Blogger-Made Guide to Blogging

The Fashion Blogger Notebook is an online fashion blogger community I just made where bloggers can share advice with each other. Each week, a topic will be chosen (ex. Marketing, Making Cash from your Blog, Relating to your Audience, etc.) and then all the advice commented is compiled onto a post for this 'community' to see. 

There is also a weekly 'Blogger of the Week' where I feature a fashion blog I like, whether it be well known or new and of a small audience. 

I thought that this community will be a great way to discover new blogs, meet new fashion bloggers in the blogging community, share and learn blogging tips, and have opportunities to spread the word about your blog.

Before I full on commit myself to this project, I need the opinions of my amazing readers. Do you guys like the idea of this site?


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August Inspiration

Chaos, Elle Poland, Fashion Gone Rogue, Flair, Flare, Guess, Harper's Bazaar UK, Interview, Luisa Spagnoli Fall 2011, Russh, Vogue China, Vogue Russia

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jewerly Haul from Canada

Although I am yet to upload onto my computer the 500 (or more!) photos I took on my three week Canada trip, I have already photographed all my new jewelry from there that I got. I honestly wasn't planning to do much shopping on this trip, but as I walked into a small jewelry store in Old Town Quebec City, I fell in love with the jewelry they sold! $10 a pop, sometimes even cheaper. And the added bonus of the lead-free guarantee kind of won me over. So I decided to do all my back-to-school jewelry shopping back in Canada. Don't laugh when you see how many feather-related products I got ;)

 I love these earrings! This was the first time that I was able to find feather earrings being sold that weren't so long that they were up to my shoulders, nor were they those tacky neon ones that I so didn't like. I love the color and the style!

Lately I am easing into a boho style, and these earrings fit the mark. Kinda long, but oh-so-bold and I just fell in love with them!

$12.90 for designer earrings, anyone? Most designer knock-off jewelry is so tacky looking, but these look so authentic. Even if there was no such thing as the Chanel logo, I would have gotten these, they're so cute and go with everything.

And yet another feather print. This bright peacock print just caught my eye and when I saw it, I instantly thought of three shirts that would look great with it. Kinda went feather-crazy when I walked into this store, I know. At least I didn't grab that third pair of feather earrings I was so coveting ;)

And now, some Forever21 accessories that I got before. I feel that my style has changed a lot in this year, and I know it might change yet again, so right now I'm going for cheap buys that I can wear for a few months while they're in trend, and that's what I did with these pieces:

I don't wear a lot of arm-candy, but I do like wearing a bold bracelet once in a while, and these two seemed to fit right into my style.

 This photo doesn't do justice to my favorite necklace at all. But anyway, it's a bronze metal with that circle (Although the metal floral piece fell off the wooden circle, the horror! :O Better get a hot glue gun soon...) And I think I have worn it 10 times since I bought it, don't judge!


Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Sheer Polka-Dot Fashion Plague

The fashion world has gotten mad for dots! But not just any dot will do. The polka dot print with black dots over a sheer black material is in every other editorial this season. Take a look for yourself.
Dansk 2011

Elle US

Vogue Russia

Vogue Korea

Elle Vietnam

Elle Us

And yes, my lovlies, I am back from Canada! And with a jewerly haul and scenic pictures in store for your curious eyes.