Saturday, May 28, 2011

Celebrity Style Saturday

 And here is the second edition of Celebrity Style Saturday.

Best Outfits This Week:
Trend: All White
The all-white trend is hard to rock, but Emma Stone pulls it off. Adding a burst of color with hot pink lipstick is what lets the all-white still pop, and I love how the off-blue whites in her shirt and skirt give her light blond hair the appearance of a more yellowish hue, but in a chic way.

Trend: Cut-Outs
Anna Kendrick rocks a form-fitting cut-out dress with black pumps. Because of the boldness of the dress, Anna keeps her accessories and makeup to a minimum.

The Style Notebook's favorite celebrity, Dianna Agron, brings out her edgy style in a cutting edge outfit. Do you think it's a hit or a miss? 

The ever so elegant Taylor Swift really knows how to be glamorous. Subtle waves, a shimmery tight gown and bold red lipstick are her signature look, although her outfits never get boring.

Biggest Fashion Bloopers:

Although the makeup and hair is beautiful, Ke$ha's wears an unflattering dress to Billboard 2011 Music Awards.

And another appears to have chosen an unflattering dress. Leona Lewis, despite wearing super cute pumps, makes a big fashion faux pass.

Best Makeup This Week:
Miranda Kerr really knows how to rock bright lipstick. The shade she chooses works perfectly with her blue eyes, that and her subtle rosy cheecks and gold eyeshadow land her as this week's 'Best Celebrity Makeup'.

 What were your faves from this week's Celebrity Style Saturday? Comment below!
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Friday, May 27, 2011

Trend Spotting: The Wedge Booties

The Latest Fashion Obsession; Wedge Booties! 



Although with the bloglovin and blogspot followers combined I have 66 followers, The Style Notebook has officially reached 50 blogspot followers in less than a week!

A huge thank you to everyone that spread the word, commented, and supported my blog. You are all amazing!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Best Of May '11 Covers

The covers this month have really been quite the mixture.
We've had covers that clearly show the magazine is going to miss Winter, even though spring has already made it's way a while ago.
Others are fun and summery and I just love their energy.

These are the ones I felt were best:

The color, the pose, the curve of the dress, the HAIR. This cover is for sure my favorite one.

The way they pull of florals and add them to the title is really original.

This is so SPRING! I love it! It's so fresh!

Winter much? Even the icicle font! Still, I love how they pull of a completely pale cover without any accent and it still looks bold.

Gotta love the sailor hat! This really gives a fun look to the end of Spring.

Okay, this one just excites me because it's back to short shorts season! To be able to rock some casual shorts on the cover of Marie Claire? That takes skill.

This just draws me in because they give it a wintery pale-blue feel but add the simple 'swimwear'. Plus the model totally rocks her bleached blond hair.

The black and white of this magazine just draws you in, and the subtle color of the text makes it even better. I love the shape of the hat, it looks somewhat abstract. The whole thing does.

What was your favorite cover for May '11?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Trend Spotting; The Neon Bag

Neon bags, surprisingly, go with everything. They can act as a base for a color contrast outfit, add some pop to an all black and white outfit, and go well with certain vintage outfits.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Girl of the Moment; Dianna Agron

Until Glee, Dianna's only roles were small appearances on shows like CSI:NY and Drake & Josh. Although her family was originally from Russia, she was raised in San Francisco, her father being the owner of Hyatt Hotels

It was only until her role on Glee that she became the famous, glamorous actress that she is now. 

Since then she's sky-rocketed into a hot star, being chosen for 'Poeople Magazine' to be part of the 'Most Beautiful 2010', as well as getting a small role in Burlesque alongside starts like Cher and Christina Aguilera. 

Her red carpet style is primarily elegant, with solid-colored sophisticated dresses and natural-looking makeup.

 Still, she has taken more and more fashion risks and is experimenting and finding her true style.

What do you think of Style Notebooks current Girl of the Moment?


Celebrity Style Saturday

It's Celebrity Style Saturday, and update of all the fashionable (and unfashionablle) moments of celebrities

Most Chic Outfits This Week:

Blake Lively rocked an all-white Chanel frock quite recently. The shape and frill combined with the solid-white of the dress makes it hard to pull off, but by making the look less bold with a pretty pony-tail and some modest looking heels, the dress takes center stage.

A hat like that certainly is hard to pull off, but rising actress Nina Dobrev pulls it off with a sleek blazer, skinny jeans and grey pumps. 

It's the green skinny jeans that add a subtle touch of chic to Olivia Palermo's casual getup.

It takes a lot to look rock a dress with a huge baby bump but Kate Hudson pulls it off with pretty blond waves and a golden clutch in tow.

Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale rocks a combination of a mega-print a-line skirt, open-toe black booties and a loose white shirt.

Best Accents:
Style isn't only coming up with the best outfit, but also in the makeup, the accessories, and the way one carries oneself.

Dianna Agron shows us that piles among piles of makeup aren't the only way to look ravishing on the red carpet. A touch of makeup and a look of sheer elegance can also make one look beautiful.

Vanessa Hudgens shows us that hand candy also makes an outfit. Adorned with four stylish rings and a combination of boho nail polishes, her look brings a sleek element of style to her red carpet look.

What were your faves from this week's Celebrity Style Saturday? Comment below!

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An introduction.

Style and fashion have always been something that interests me.So has writing. And so I thought, 'Why not make a blog where I can do both!'. Of course, blogs are quite the competitive hobby these days what with people trying to get as many suscribers and bloglovin followers as they can. Yet still.

And how to start? An introduction, of course.

My name: Something I do not want on the internet. I do want my future blog readers to have something to call me by, so I will give you a nickname: Simply, 'Coco'.
My favorite celebrity: Nina Dobrev (Due to my love for The Vampire Diaries most likely)
My style: Hard to explain. Vintage at the most, although yes, I do love something mod once in a while.
My favorite type of shoes: Combat boots, for the win!

That is all for now, but you will hear from me soon with what are to me inspiring fashion editorials, OOTDs, etc.