Saturday, July 23, 2011

Celebrity Style Saturday

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The Besties:

The best dressed of the week.
Emma Roberts, look at you! Lately you've stepped up your style a big notch-and I'm totally loving it! Your getting close to becoming the celebrity style icon for vintage chic!

I love how everything in this outfit matches while keeping a safe distance from looking bland. Plus I can't resist that gorgeous dress! 

I can't help but notice how everyone is straying from their usual styles to go more vintage and...normal? And those sunglasses completely win me over in this one.

A-list model Karlie looks dashing in the classic red gown and lipstick to match.

Pulling off an all-nude-colored ensemble is tricky, but she does it. No color, just a sweet smile and a bold outfit. I think I'll keep an eye on her outfits from now judging from this one, it's so chic!

Girl, Get a Stylist!
The worst dressed celebs this week.
There are three things wrong with that outfit. First off, that dress does not flatter a pregnant figure, Kate. Second, nude shoes and black dresses don't work. And lastly, you are gorgeous without much makeup. But wearing a black dress washes out your features-amp up that eyeliner, Kate!

The baggy jeans are already a big problem with this outfit...let alone that ghastly shirt of hers.

Barbie doll? Almost. It's Paris Hilton! And though I've seen her wearing stylish outfits before, I gotta say, this outfit makes her look like she's trying to be the original barbie doll. Great tribute to Barbie, Paris!

Looking Hot!
The best makeup and hair of the week.
It's been a while since I've seen someone blond sporting peach lipstick AND blush. It's an overkill of that color, plus yellow would make me think that this look wouldn't work. And yet Chelsea pulls it off with a gorgeous smile as an added bonus.
Ooh, Jamie, loving those feathers! And, as usual, your makeup looks fabulous.

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What were your faves and least faves this week?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July Inspiration


Karen - Pulp - Elle Spain - Unknown - Muse - Fallen - Harper's Bazaar Spain - L'Officiel Singapore - Costume July 2011 - Fashion Gone Rogue - Rouge - Fashion Gone Rouge

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Celebrity Style Saturday

And we bring yet another edition of Celebrity Style Saturday. Enjoy!

Most Iconic Outfits of the Week:
Not only is it that I can't resist cheetah print shoes, but the dress Olivia Palermo wore had such a bold, pretty color that it won me over as this week's favorite outfit.

Now this is something I would wear. Combat boots, a striped sweater, and a feather necklace? Ashlee Simpson, I think we have the same closet!

Kiera Knightly knows how to wear her vintage. An over the knee pleated lemon skirt with a loose shirt and brown shoulder bag? It even sounds like a disasterous outfit, but she makes it work and the turnout is amazing.

Melissa Satta had the best streetstyle outfit of the week with a loose grey dress, a grunge-denim vest, super reflective sunglasses and a cute loose side braid.

What were you thinking?
Jessica Alba, wearing either that blouse or those pants alone would have been bad enough. The two of them together are terrible.

Julia Roberts almost got this outfit right. A pretty dress with classy black pumps is nothing special, but at least its chic. But what were you thinking when you added that horrid blazer?

I saw this and immediantly thought of a clown. Then I recognized that it was Whitney Port. Whiteney, please don't wear black striped pants, a red bag and an ugly mega long shoulder-padded cardigan together. Jeez, it even sounds disasterous, let alone how it looks.

 Best Hair:
Nicki Minaj, I may not be a big fan of your music but I gotta say that your hair is fabulous. 'Nuff said.

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What were your faves and least faves of this week? Comment below!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

YOU can be the stylist.

Recently I was surfing the internet when I came across an interesting looking website under the url of I've heard of it before but never seemed to have the time to take a look. As I went on, I was truly surprised.

Awaiting me were dozens of models, clothes, backgrounds, accessories, shoes...
Basically, everything a stylist could ever dream of.

They feature different models of different styles. I can see Frida in an edgy oufit, and Rosanna just belongs in some sort of hippie editorial. Each one has her own group of facial expressions, so the possibilities are even greater.

I just fell in love with all their options! Not only is it fun, but it's a great way to experiment with different outfits to later adapt them into my own closet and style. The only down side was that some designers, like my beloved Jeffrey Campbell shoes, only came with one piece from the entire collection, and some designers weren't featured in this at all.

Here are the looks I've made so far:
Which one's your fave? Comment below!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Celebrity Style Saturday

And here is this weeks edition of Celebrity Style Saturday...

Looking glamorous, ladies!
Doutzen Kroes proved that yes, black heels and a nude dress can go together, which is a hard feat. The cutout pattern of her heels and the transparent stripes in her dress blended in in a way that made the two pieces work together. Her glamorous waves and shimmery makeup give this outfit the shine and details that it needed. Definitely my favorite of this week.

To rock flares and still look in-date with fashion trends? Olivia Wilde, you rock!

Katie Cassidy looked gorgeous combining a coral lace number with some orange pumps. Bright, summery, and so chic!

I just couldn't resist Rihanna's adorable hair here! Plus I love the shoes. This outfit's a win.

Cute bags? Check. Chic clothes? Check. Shoes I want in my closet now? Check! Tamara and Petra Ecclestone look amazing.

Did you remember to look in the mirror this morning?
All the pieces in Ashley Tisdale's outfit are cute. The bag, the dress, the shoes. But the combination is all wrong. Do NOT combine a super loose cardigan with a super loose dress. One of the peices in the equation have to be tight-fitted to even out the other.

Katy Perry, you look beautiful with black hair. Red? Not so much.

Um, Snooki? Can you even see in those sunglasses? Probably not. I bet they were what led you to wearing a hello kitty belt with short shorts and adding the most ugliest boots I have ever seen.

Lindsay Lohan? Is that you? I can't even recognize you! Hair in the exact shade of your skin plus a black trench coat makes you look washed out and not so attractive. Either lighten your hair or darken it. And trash that coat, please!

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What were your faves and least faves this week? Comment below!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Cause it's not clothes, it's art.

On a recent trip to New York I was able to visit my top priority-The Met's Alexander Mcqueen Savage Beauty exhibit.
This was all I was able to take on my iPhone--it was so packed I couldn't even capture the clothes. 

Luckily I found some pics online:
I've seen so much McQueen that it should have been same old, same old. But seeing the designs in real was magnificent. It's in New York til the 7th of August, so if anyone wants to check it out, you better do it fast!

What do you guys think of the exhibit?