Saturday, June 25, 2011

Celebrity Style Saturday

The Best Dressed of the Week
Wearing a colorblock cut-out dress and shoes to match, Lucy Hale rocked her edgy style. Absolutely beautiful!

Talk about pulling off an white long gown!  With her summery blond waves and neutral, subtle makeuep, Isabel Lucas definitely pulled of this hard-to-rock dress. Definitely one of my favorites this week!

Who knew a solid colored dress could be this bold? Uma Therman and her hourglass figure definitely made this dress work. And hey, theres even a pose to match! Looks a bit like a barbie doll with that pose, but I definitely love this look.

Now this is something that I would wear. Pixie Lott sported a cute summer frock with black oxfords and socks and a chanel bag. Not to mention that gorgeous'll see more of that later ;)

Only Olivia Palermo could make this look work. Enough said.

 Now Tell Me Please, What Were They Thinking?
Kim Kardashian, choosing these horrific pants for anyone would be horrible enough, but with your oh-so-curvy petite body, they looked even worse! Although the clutch is cute, everything else about this outfit just makes me wonder if she dressed herself in the dark that morning.

I coluld think of quite a few ways to rock bright red leather pants, but with a preppy cardigan and elegant black heels? You got it all wrong, Ella Macpherson.

 This Week's Best Makeup
Her outfit wasn't the only thing to make this week's Celebrity Style Saturday. That makeup and hair is so summery and definitely just inspired me to wear bright lipstick tomorrow paired with spikey black lashes.

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What are your faves and least faves in this week's Celebrity Style Saturday? Comment below!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Back in Time

This is by far the best editorial I have seen in a while. There's something about it that just captures your attention without some sort of intricate background or crazy bold makeup or strangely odd clothes.

What's your take on this editorial?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Celebrity Style Saturday

And here is the fifth edition of Celebrity Style Saturday.

Keeping it Glamorous:
A Balmain dress is it's own fashion statement, as shown by Ana Beatriz Barros, who rocks it with basic black pumps and flowy waves.

This dress is so chic, I feel also that its something that anyone can rock wearing. The ring and shoes match it perfectly and I love how Nicky Hilton doesn't overflow the look with accessories and keeps eyes on the dress.

Although maybe she should have added some makeup to brighten up her face, I still gotta say that this is such a cute streetstyle outfit! Kaley Cuoco of The Bing Bang Theory rocks the military green jeans trend with black boots, a grey zebra scarf and my favorite, a quilted pale red bag that although contrasts with the basic flow of the outfit, it does it in a way that makes the outfit stand out.

Something about this dress just creams 'Summer'! Katie Cassidy rocks it beautifully, and I gotta say that I love the shoes.

Maybe this dress is to prom-ish? Whether it is or isn't, Alessandra Amrosio definitely rocked it well. It's beautiful and is so timeless.

Trend Spot: Aqua dresses! I see them everywhere on celebrities, are they a new trend? ;)

Fashion Fails:
Although generally The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev looks sleek and trendy, none of these pieces match with each other. All of them individually are cute, but the blazer doesn't match the dress and the dress doesn't match the shoes.

Do I even need to explain why AnnaLynne McCord's outfit landed her on this weeks worsties list?

Best Makeup:
She may be preggers, but Jessica Alba is looking dashing, and I'm gonna have to try that eye makeup sometime! Absolutely gorgeous.

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What were your favorites and least favorites of this week's Celebrity Style Saturday? Comment below!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Girl of the Moment: Lui Wen

Givenchy Fall 2011
At age 23, model Lui Wen has quite a lot in her modeling background. 2005 marked the beginning of her career. Her big beginning was to be on the cover of Chinese FHM. Hard work got her to model for Vogue China and Harper's Bazaar China, and these gigs caught the eyes of Cosmo in which she modeled Karl Lagerfeld and Viktor and Rolf, which made these designers want her on their runways. Now she has DKNY Jeans, The GAP, Alexander Wang, Converse, Bergdorf Goodman, Calvin Klein, Vivienne Tam, Elle, Allure, i-D, Teen Vogue, French Vogue, Spanish Vogue...I'd continue the list but then you'd have a bulky paragraph of her accomplishments.

Anyway, it doesn't only take 'discovering a model' for her to become famous as it is with a lot of the top model stories. With Lui Wen, sheer hard work and perseverance got her to where she is today. She started small and became a top model after years and years of trying.

On the runway:

Akris Fall 2011             Louis Vuitton Fall 2011

Chanel 2011

 What's your take on this girl of the moment? Let me know in comments!

Also, a shout-out: Thank you Teresa for giving me the Versatile Blogger award from your blog Trend-ish!

I'm passing this award down to the lovely Oh My Dior blog which always has beautiful doodled on pictures of everything fashiona and is super creative and versatile! ;)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Accessory Must Haves (A Wishlist)

With summer break beginning at the end of this week I will have nearly three months to explore, relax, and do whatever I please (Freedom!). But how can I do all these things without some chic new additions to my wardrobe? Here's my must-have accesory list for this coming summer:

Out with the ray-bans, in with these! They are definitely going to be the it sunglasses this summer.

I am in love with these shoes and I don't know why I don't have a pair in my closet yet. Gotta get them soon, although it seems as if they never come out of fashion!

Fun and down-to-earth, these bracelets definitely are the ultimate statement pieces for a casual outfit. Throw one on while running to get a cup o' coffee along with jeans and a tee and you're set. They can be sold for as little as $5 at places like Forever21.

What are your must-have accessories this summer?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Interview: Jasmin Hermann of Fashion Martini Jewerly Line

When looking through new blogs, I noticed one with a post titled 'The Shop is Open!' Curious, I clicked on it to see a beautiful collection of colorful, vintage and behomian jewerly that I instantly fell in love with.

How did you learn to make handmade jewerly, and how long does each piece take to make?
I didn´t really learn how to make jewelry, I just started to experiment and also took a closer look at other jewelry makers such as Pamela Love who inspires me a lot! The time I spend on making one piece depends on what it is that I´m creating and wich material I´m using. But in average I would say about 1 to 4 hours.

What is your favorite piece from your collection, and why?
 My favourite piece is the necklace with that rainbow color stone. I really like the mix of the golden chain with leather and the stone shines in such beautiful colors! It´s really eyecatching :)

What was the inspiration behind your jewerly collection?
 I am a very creative person and it´s always been easy for me to get inspired by all kind of things or happenings. It could be my last travel to NYC, or a photo, a song, a painting... it´s like I am absorbing all of those things and in a flash it comes out of my mind in the form of a new jewelry piece or a painting (yes, I do paint as well :) ). But there´s also one Designer who´s already been mentioned before, who inspires me a lot...Pamela Love! I think she´s doing a great work.

 What style do you feel your collection fits most when it comes to the outfits that go along with the jewerly?
I think it´s that style which is mostly inspired by the hippie era mixed with a little touch of grunge. It´s not easy to describe... but it´s that style which comes to my mind when I think of festivals such as Coachella. It´s wild, it´s free, it´s  bohemian lifestyle!

To check out her jewerly on her site, click here. 

A sneak peak at how she makes this jewerly:

 Her Art:
In addition to the  statement jewerly, what striked me was her beautiful art! I chose some of my favorites: