Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to School Haul Part 1: The Accessories

I've recently went back to school shopping and picked up a few things for the Fall. Since I kept finding amazing things for even more amazing deals, this is too long a haul for one post! I'm dividing it into three parts: Accessories, Clothes, and Shoes.


 I've been oohing and aahing at earrings of this style for a few months now but I finally had the balls to try these out, and I love them! I have to stop myself from wearing them everyday! To make them less in-your-face, I only wear one of these and wear a simple grey pearl earring that matches on the other, with a sidebraid or with my hair brushed to one side.

I think I bought these at Urban Outfitters?
 I love studs, but I've been wanting some with a little more oomph, so I was so excited when I noticed these! I don't love sparkles and bling in my jewelry, but I like the orange rhinestones within the rustic gold color.

 What I love so much about these is the mix&match part! Whether I just go with one of the colors, wear them black & white or go with a gradient it's just so fun!

Brandy Melville
I had to restrain myself from buying 10 colors of these Brandy Melville bracelets. At $6-7 each, I wanted to leave some room in my back to school budget for more clothes! In the end I decided to go with a pretty combination of navy+gold spheres and light blue with golden skulls.

Clothes coming next!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Steve Madden's Back-To-School Campagin

With the looming Fall come endless Fall Campaigns, and this Fall I can't get enough! I love the trends, the styles, the hair, the shoes...

So I have yet another campaign to bring to you! This one is the Steve Madden Fall '12 Campaign, featuring a downtown school yard setting and some unbelievably cute clothes. Here are my favorites:


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Nasty Gal '12 Collection Campaign

 If you've been following The Style Notebook for a while now, I'm sure you know that I LOVEEE! Which is why I am SO excited that they have come out with a Fall campaign. The clothes, although some too daring for me to actually wear, are stunning! I love the style, colors, and feel of the new collection. What's your take?

Plus stay tune for a two part 'Back to School' haul that I am posting soon!


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Topshop Fall '12 Campaign: In Love!

 I LOVEEE the new things Topshop has for the Fall! Starting off with the new 'it' piece of outwear: a classic black motorcycle jacket.

I love this jacket! It looks so warm but so chic! It's sometimes difficult to find something warm that doesn't look atrocious...but I would love to wear this!

 Stunning dress!

That jacket....needs to run along into my closet right now.

What are your thoughts on their new outwear?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Music Concert OOTD

Although it's from yesterday, here's a peak into my personal closet! The wedges are Steve madden, the shorts are BDG, the top is Brandy MelVille, the bracelet is from F21 and I don't remember where the earrings are from. 


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Transformations: An Editorial

 One model, 6 hair transformations. As much as I loved the fashion featured in Elle Mexico's cover shoot, what really inspired me...was the hair!

 I don't think baby pink dye will ever get old! If only I had the blond hair to go along with it...

 Those curls are so fun and look so 80's chic on Hopland!
 Not sure if I'd rock those bangs...but they are cutting edge!

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE that hair! I have seen it in a few other editorials and runways and think theres something so 'elegant edge' about it!

Obsessed? I think so!