Monday, June 6, 2011

Interview: Jasmin Hermann of Fashion Martini Jewerly Line

When looking through new blogs, I noticed one with a post titled 'The Shop is Open!' Curious, I clicked on it to see a beautiful collection of colorful, vintage and behomian jewerly that I instantly fell in love with.

How did you learn to make handmade jewerly, and how long does each piece take to make?
I didn´t really learn how to make jewelry, I just started to experiment and also took a closer look at other jewelry makers such as Pamela Love who inspires me a lot! The time I spend on making one piece depends on what it is that I´m creating and wich material I´m using. But in average I would say about 1 to 4 hours.

What is your favorite piece from your collection, and why?
 My favourite piece is the necklace with that rainbow color stone. I really like the mix of the golden chain with leather and the stone shines in such beautiful colors! It´s really eyecatching :)

What was the inspiration behind your jewerly collection?
 I am a very creative person and it´s always been easy for me to get inspired by all kind of things or happenings. It could be my last travel to NYC, or a photo, a song, a painting... it´s like I am absorbing all of those things and in a flash it comes out of my mind in the form of a new jewelry piece or a painting (yes, I do paint as well :) ). But there´s also one Designer who´s already been mentioned before, who inspires me a lot...Pamela Love! I think she´s doing a great work.

 What style do you feel your collection fits most when it comes to the outfits that go along with the jewerly?
I think it´s that style which is mostly inspired by the hippie era mixed with a little touch of grunge. It´s not easy to describe... but it´s that style which comes to my mind when I think of festivals such as Coachella. It´s wild, it´s free, it´s  bohemian lifestyle!

To check out her jewerly on her site, click here. 

A sneak peak at how she makes this jewerly:

 Her Art:
In addition to the  statement jewerly, what striked me was her beautiful art! I chose some of my favorites:


  1. love it!! i'm aspiring to create jewelry too when i finish my masters degree, cause right now i don't have any time at all...

    ps. u are featured on my last post.. check the awards at the end :)


  2. Aww thank you so much for awarding me! <3

  3. i love that artwork! thanks for sharing :)


  4. I love this kind of jewelry! And I'll check her website right away!!!

  5. Great interview! Thanks for sharing!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

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    love the feathers...followed!

  7. a very cool interview! and following you back!

  8. p.s. I was browsing your site and love your celeb saturday---- have you ever looked at Kat Graham's outfits? I think she is one of the best up and coming fashion inspirations, you should check her out! Here is one really great outfit she had on last week:

  9. I love the feathers! Great!

    With love, Kirsten

  10. I love it...I'm a sucker for jewelry and that feather ring..gorgeous.

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  11. @Ashley Slater
    I actually LOVE Kat Graham! (Probably due to my love of the Vampire Diaries in which she is cast haha.)
    I'll definitely check this out! Thanks


  12. Great interview! I am her follower and she's amazing.

    Fashion Cat

  13. I love her jewelry! A little industrial, a lot of chicness, is that a word? well it is now! i love it!


  14. Love this jewelry! All the pieces are completely gorgeous!

  15. Great!
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