Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Will Be Back!

To all my amazing readers, I want to let you know that I am very busy with school right now and don't have time to blog! As much as I love blogging, I just found myself not having time to write articles but rather posting cool editorials, campaigns and spreads from the fashion world, which although fun to see...I'd much rather have some articles on my blog like I used to!

I WILL be back soon, posting as much as I used to.


(Oh, and ironically, this is my 100th post!)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Go with the [Neon] Flow

 So common that it is almost the norm, fashion photography has taken on a new recurring theme. It's movement photography. Vibrant colors often shade the side of the models face, or else give the background the interest it sometimes lacks. Movement, and not just the oh-so-boring model-jump-run pose that has become a bit of a snore, but rather the whipping of the hair, the subtle blur, the sci-fi edge that is given.
What do you think of this new twist to fashion photography?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Emma Stone in Futuristic Club Editorial: Love it!

 I love the future-club vibe given off by Emma Stone's look in her cover shoot for Interview. The artistic aspect to the editorial is by far my favorite part. I love how the main shading is pink/blue. Obsessed!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Beauty Notebook: My Sister's New Blog For All Things Beauty!

My sister Natalie has just created a beauty blog. She's amazing at makeup and she always does the best hair! Go check her out!

Click here to go to her site.


Top 5: Fall Closet Additions

There are so many trends this Fall, but what I love is how bold each one is! With just five statement pieces, you can transform your everyday Fall wardrobe by layering on basics with these eye-catching new trends.

1. Print/Colored/Wild Jeans

 This year, say hello to the new statement denim. From animal print to tribal to graffiti print skinny jeans, the bolder the better! They are so easy to style in the morning, especially for people that are in a rush. Just pop on a basic top, add some black boots or heels and you're set to go because they make any outfit stand out. I find that Urban Outfitters is my favorite place to shop for print jeans because of their huge variety and their prices are great too (at $68 each for the two jeans pictured above, they won't empty your wallet).

2. Chambray Tops

Chambray tops are so cute for a more down-to-earth streetstyle look. All the super models are wearing one with skinny jeans and boots this season! They also look amazing with a bodycon or flippy skirt and heels for a semi-formal look. The two pictured above are each $38 from Nasty Gal.

3. Sneaker Wedges

Sneaker wedges are making every woman who loves wearing heels on a daily basis take a breath of relief. This amazing new trend makes wearing heels comfortable! They add the height, but are great for wearing heels all day without suffering from a terrible foot ache. I found that Free People has a great selection. The two above are from Free People, $218 on the left, $300 on the right.

4. Maxi Skirts

This trend is perfect for the Fall. Wear a sheer maxi with sandals, or if it's a chilly day wear an opaque maxi with black tights and boots and you'll stay cozy and warm. You don't have to be tall to rock this trend! If you are on the shorter side, sneak in the look of long legs by purchasing a maxi that's a few inches too long for you and then wear it with heels! You'll actually look a good three or four inches taller, and no one will even know that you're wearing heels if your maxi is almost down to the floor! The two pictured above are from Brandy Melville, $24 and $37, respectfully.

5. The Peplum Dress

 The ultimate dress of flattery and sophistication, the peplum dress is the perfect dress for a night out. The combination of the body-con skirt and peplum style makes this dress both sexy and sophisticated. You can also find a ton of peplum skirts and peplum tops on the market if you like to mix and match different looks with the peplum style. Topshop has a huge selection of peplum dresses, tops, skirts and even coats! The dresses pictured above are from Topshop, $130 on the left, $96 on the right.

What are your favorite trends for the Fall?

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back to School Haul Part 2: Clothes!

 I went shopping for back to school clothes a few days ago and here is what I stocked up on! 
Here is the most of it. There are also two sweaters (One from Free People and one from Urban Outfitters that are currently in the washer) but I'll put them on my instagram (Follow! @thenotebookofstyle) soon.

 I LOVE print jeans this season! With a basic tee and basically any type of shoe, they are oh so versatile.

 Even though this is a tank top, I saw it for sale online and couldn't resist! Maybe in September with jeans and sandals? Or with virtually any flippy skirt.

 I saw this shirt at H&M and fell in love! It looks really great with the sleeves rolled up with high waist shorts.

And another tribal print jean! This one looks great not only by itself but cuffed up too. 

Click here to see a few other jeans that I bought earlier for back-to-school. Part 3: Shoes coming soon!

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