Saturday, July 2, 2011

Celebrity Style Saturday

Although there weren't too many very well dressed highlights this week, there were quite some hilarious fashion mistakes made.

Who Made The Besties List:
I gotta say that Emma Roberts rocks the urban-chic style. Summery and yet still with an edge, she rocks a chain link bag, the new 'in' sunglasses, and a very flattering dress. Definitely this week's best.

Although reserved and without a statement, I had to admit that this dress and pump combo worked really well for Chelsea Kane.

Ooh, the cheetah print shoes. A favorite! Fergie rocked 'em, and some super tight skinnies, and made the combination work.

Kim Kardashian looked ultra-glamorous in this gown, and the black hair + white dress contrast looked beautiful.

 These Outfits Make Good Laughs:
Paris Hilton, we all know you think you're a princess, but no need to make the word sound literal with a tutu-ified dress.

Mischa Barton, stop trying to overdo the vintage and wear something cute! We've seen you do it before.

Ashley Olsen?

And since there was no particular makeup this week I find striking I still had to do a feature post so this week it's bag+nailpolish combination, here we are:
Jamie Chung, that bright red nailpolish plus gold looks absolutely stunning! I love it!

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What are your takes on this week's Celebrity Style Saturday? Let us know in comments!


  1. I really love Emma Robert's outfit and her style overall. Also I like Chelsea Kane's dress, it looks so cute. :)

  2. Although I'm not a big fan of Mischa, she's looking here so great! I love her blouse and her's really a great combination!

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  4. Fergie looks smokin' hot as usual! Love all the best dressed looks. And you are so right....whats up with Paris & Ashley?? Not good.

  5. loving this list x