Saturday, July 9, 2011

Celebrity Style Saturday

And here is this weeks edition of Celebrity Style Saturday...

Looking glamorous, ladies!
Doutzen Kroes proved that yes, black heels and a nude dress can go together, which is a hard feat. The cutout pattern of her heels and the transparent stripes in her dress blended in in a way that made the two pieces work together. Her glamorous waves and shimmery makeup give this outfit the shine and details that it needed. Definitely my favorite of this week.

To rock flares and still look in-date with fashion trends? Olivia Wilde, you rock!

Katie Cassidy looked gorgeous combining a coral lace number with some orange pumps. Bright, summery, and so chic!

I just couldn't resist Rihanna's adorable hair here! Plus I love the shoes. This outfit's a win.

Cute bags? Check. Chic clothes? Check. Shoes I want in my closet now? Check! Tamara and Petra Ecclestone look amazing.

Did you remember to look in the mirror this morning?
All the pieces in Ashley Tisdale's outfit are cute. The bag, the dress, the shoes. But the combination is all wrong. Do NOT combine a super loose cardigan with a super loose dress. One of the peices in the equation have to be tight-fitted to even out the other.

Katy Perry, you look beautiful with black hair. Red? Not so much.

Um, Snooki? Can you even see in those sunglasses? Probably not. I bet they were what led you to wearing a hello kitty belt with short shorts and adding the most ugliest boots I have ever seen.

Lindsay Lohan? Is that you? I can't even recognize you! Hair in the exact shade of your skin plus a black trench coat makes you look washed out and not so attractive. Either lighten your hair or darken it. And trash that coat, please!

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What were your faves and least faves this week? Comment below!


  1. Favorite - Doutzen Kroes, she looks gorgeous from head to toe.
    Least favorite - Snookie - I hate those boots, she looks like she killed a Yeti.

  2. I didn't even recognize lindsey! at first I thought she was some 50 year old woman or something.

    p.s.-I am really loving these celebrity style saturday posts! So helpful to catch up with what the celebs are wearing. lessons learned: don't wear loose sweaters and dresses together.


  3. Agreed about Lohan, groooosss. The hair and coat has GOT TO GO.

    Katie Cassidy's outfit is just GLAMOROUS, love her!


  4. i like that pink dress on the first photo!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

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  6. What about Lindsey Loan? She looks terrible!
    Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!!

  7. in love with Doutzen Kroes's dress :O

  8. Nice post. :))

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  10. Aw, Rihanna and Katy perry ! <33
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  11. jORdaN :PJuly 10, 2011

    i liked the surfboard in the 1st pic X)

  12. I love Doutzen she is so pretty!

  13. lyndsay looks like an old lady! and boo to katies hair color! but the rest are wins for me! ashleys outfit is meh also... but she saves herself with that tall hunk! i loooove tall guys! great blog! im following! follow back? :)

  14. Katie Cassidy combination is gorgeous!!