Saturday, May 21, 2011

Celebrity Style Saturday

It's Celebrity Style Saturday, and update of all the fashionable (and unfashionablle) moments of celebrities

Most Chic Outfits This Week:

Blake Lively rocked an all-white Chanel frock quite recently. The shape and frill combined with the solid-white of the dress makes it hard to pull off, but by making the look less bold with a pretty pony-tail and some modest looking heels, the dress takes center stage.

A hat like that certainly is hard to pull off, but rising actress Nina Dobrev pulls it off with a sleek blazer, skinny jeans and grey pumps. 

It's the green skinny jeans that add a subtle touch of chic to Olivia Palermo's casual getup.

It takes a lot to look rock a dress with a huge baby bump but Kate Hudson pulls it off with pretty blond waves and a golden clutch in tow.

Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale rocks a combination of a mega-print a-line skirt, open-toe black booties and a loose white shirt.

Best Accents:
Style isn't only coming up with the best outfit, but also in the makeup, the accessories, and the way one carries oneself.

Dianna Agron shows us that piles among piles of makeup aren't the only way to look ravishing on the red carpet. A touch of makeup and a look of sheer elegance can also make one look beautiful.

Vanessa Hudgens shows us that hand candy also makes an outfit. Adorned with four stylish rings and a combination of boho nail polishes, her look brings a sleek element of style to her red carpet look.

What were your faves from this week's Celebrity Style Saturday? Comment below!

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  1. My all-time favourite is Blake!
    She is always great!
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  2. nice i really like Blake Lively's style especially on gossip girl...


  3. I love Nina Dobrev's look here. She perfectly balances a menswear-inspired looks with more feminine pieces. - Kat

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  5. Blake is so adorable!
    I love her!