Saturday, May 5, 2012

Top 5: Sunglasses!

Fashion has really taken a dip into the past this summer! Not only are all the 'vintage collar' and 90's pastel florals back, but there is an influx of 70's and 50's decade sunglasses.
 80'sPurple; I love the 'perfect circle' shape. It's bold, it's flattering, and it adds that 'music festival chic' look to any outfit.

Retro City; I am in love with cat-eye shades, and the pointier the edges, the better! This look started out as a high-fashion statement, but was adapted by more affordable brands and is now a statement made by all fashionistas.

Nasty Gal; Everyone thats been on tumblr knows how obsessed the Tumblr Fashionista is with the galaxy print! Something about the deep purple shades combined with the faded neon sides gives these shades a galaxy look. Paired with a black crop top and high waist shorts, this look will look good on any hipster.
Topshop; Gotta love a good pair of Topshop shades. For a more sophisticated look, pair these with black pumps, black shorts and a cute neon collared shirt.

Asos: Now we're really getting the 50's feel with the cat-eye pastel shades! Gotta love them!
Which one's your favorite?


  1. my favorite is either the topshop or nasty gal one! i want them :O

    Pudding Monster

  2. Ooh, loving the Topshop ones! Really cute sunglasses!

  3. love this selection of sunnies, especially the 2 pic
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  4. Super cute! Galaxy print should be owned by everyone right now. I'm ashamed to say I don't have any but it's so mystical and perfect. >:D

    ~Brooke {via The Dove Tree}

  5. like the third one!

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    follow back? thank you :-)

  6. I love the first one!
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