Saturday, September 3, 2011

Celebrity Style Saturday

 It's Back!
Take Notes on These Stylish Stars ;)

 Alyson Michalka totally rocked the Grecian Goddess look. The peachy shade looked great with her slightly tan skin and bleached blond curls. A hard look to pull off, but she looks gorgeous.

 Although less classy, Leighton Meester looked glamorous with a sequin detailed mini dress. The shoes definitely went with the outfit. I love it!

 Malin Akerman took casual-chic to a whole new level with a super baggy knit top...but pairing it with skinny black jeans and sleek black boots made this look super cute.

 Loving this outfit, Mollie King! Not a fan of those shoes, but with the beige mini skirt and tank this look is great.

Cross These Outfits Out of Your Notebook ;)
Amanda Bynes
 The rest of the outfit may have looked okay, but those shoes are ridiculous! And maybe some fashion genius would have been able to pull them off, but Amanda...this outfit is a disaster!

Brooklyn Decker
What does Brooklyn Decker have? A great figure. What does she also have? Dresses that take away that previous thing.

Whitney Port
 A baggy sweater can look really cute. In fact, I can think of more than ten ways to wear that sweater in a chic outfit. But with even baggier ripped jeans and flip flops? No.

I want their makeup artist!
 And yet again she's on this list. Something about the orange lips + cheeks (a combination that usually looks terrible) looks very unique but in a great way. Matched with those flowers, it's a perfect farewell to summer days.

Ashley Benson
 Smokey Eyes are hard to pull off, especially with pale skin and light blond hair. But this dramatic look is gorgeous on her!

Chanel Iman
IN LOVE WITH THAT HAIR! Especially with the lighter tips...gorgeous!


  1. I adore Ashley Benson's make up.

  2. Ashley Benson's make-up is stunning. Agreed with everything you said, especially about Brooklyn Decker! Man oh man, that woman's figure is LOST in all its glittery sensation..

    have a fab weekend! Thanks for sharing ;)

  3. Hi lovely,
    I really like your post!So cuteee;)
    Have a great start of week:)

  4. OH my gosh! Leighton Meester looks incredible! They all look amazing.

  5. Wow! Great post! And we agree, if only we had make-up artists and stylists like this! (excluding the faux pas) JS xx

  6. I loved this article! Following you ;)