Saturday, September 10, 2011

Celebrity Style Saturday

I see a lot of bold choices this week, some which work and some that look so ridiculous that they're amusing. 

These Girls Have a Sense of Style:
Emma Roberts
 She never fails with her outfits! Although I really don't like the dress, the way her hair is done and adding shiny black pumps just makes it work.

Jessica Alba
 These days wearing flared jeans in any form is a huge fashion risk. But with a sleek black blazer, high heels, and a super cute top, Jessica pulls it off.

Jessie J
 Sequins aren't in right now, and haven't been for a while, but she makes them work! The necklace adds a very vintage look to the dress, which I think is what makes this look work. Love it!

Sara Paxton
 I think everyone can agree that we want to go shop the mall and find an outfit exactly like this, yes? Perfect.

Some Fashion Risks Just Aren't Worth It...
Blake Lively
 It's surprising to put her on the Worst Dressed list. She has an amazing sense of style, but this lime dress not only looks unflattering, but washes out her hair and skin and is just plain ugly, agreed?

Chloe Sevigny
 No comment...

Drew Barrymore
 I can see what she was going for; that tucked in loose top, boho-vintage log skirt...but unfortunately, she didn't pull it off. 

The perfect example of trying to hard to make a 'young, hip' outfit.

Which were your favorites of this week? Comment below!
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  1. i love Emma Roberts and Blake lively style but i agree that the lime dress blake is wearing make her look weird.


  2. We looove Fergie's look. Sara Paxton's outfit is so nice.
    Take care x <3

  3. I love Sara Paxton's dress, it's so pretty.

  4. Blake Lively is a favorite .. Love her in the yellow dress
    Have a great week!

  5. Sara paxton is just so pretty! i would love to see more of her!
    haha I like Fergie's look, but I guess thats just the wannabe rock star in me!